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Half an Hour at Sunrise
October 18, 2014  by John Miles 

We dived over to our favourite local beach this week for a couple of nights, Waipatiki Beach, north of Napier....

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Waipatiki Beach Sunrise
April 22, 2013  by John Miles 

Recently spend the weekend in our caravan at the campsite at Waipatiki Beach.  I woke up on the Sunday...

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Winter Sunrise
December 13, 2011  by John Miles 

Sunrises are getting nice and wintery over Pew Tor.  

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Angkor Wat Dawn
March 5, 2010  by John Miles 

I arrived at Angkor Wat at 5am in the dark. Dawnbreak was lovely but not that serene as I was joined...

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November 23, 2009  by John Miles 

An empty seat just for me as the sun rises on a new day. Vacant Lake Cache, Algonquin, Ontario, Canada

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